Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flatheads Forever!!

Spent last weekend helping Milo do his thing assembling the flat head for my dads 36 Pickup. its amazing how many tricks he has picked up throughout the last 40 yrs of building motors. this week he broke his record for 4 flattys in one week. Here are the specs... 8ba block bored 1/8" over with egge pistons, 4" mercury crank, isky 400 jr cam, offenhauser heads resurfaced should bring around 10-1 compression, Edmunds 2x2 intake, isky adjustable lifters, mallory unilite dizzy, drilled for full flow oil. i cant wait to hear it fire to life! For all of your engine building needs from porsche, vw to flathead fords, model a fords  and harleys from the teens to twin cams. if it has pistons he can rebuild it. contact Milo at or 847-934-3920 in Palatine, IL

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