Friday, March 16, 2012

Shrinkin' a Sportster Tank King Kustoms Tech

Scott brought me this sporty tank to shortin up for his genie shovel project.  If anyone is interested in this or any other gas tank mods or handlebars, sissy bars ect. Send me an email to

 Nice to start with a brand new tank!

First I cut the tunnel out.

 Next i had to figure out where the best location would be to shorten it.

 Notice how much wider the front of the tank is

 So i narrowed it up about an inch

 Outside all welded up.

 Next i had to figure where to shorten and narrow the bottom the same as the top

Moved the cap up a bit

 outside seam weld

 Once it was all welded up i did some metal finishing and pressure tested it. 


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